Thursday, 17 December 2015

An Invitation to Kim Kardashian West to Photobook Bristol 2016

Dear Kim

We are currently organising Photobook Bristol, a festival about photobooks taking place in Bristol, UK, from June 10th - 12th 2016.

As you are the author of a very successful photobook, Selfish, we would like to invite you to the festival to speak about your work.

We'd like to invite you because most of the speakers we have make photobooks that sell in the hundreds. We had a speaker last year who made a photobook that was in an edition of  45 copies. They were all handmade and lovely  (you can buy the trade edition here) and they sold, but there were only 45 of them! You've sold 120,000 copies of your book.

So you would not be our typical speaker and yours wouldn't be the typical photobook, We see this as a way of recognising the existence of photobooks beyond the slightly nerdy world we inhabit, but at the same time, it would honestly be fascinating to get your views on how and why you made the images that feature in Selfish, how they contribute to your image and brand, the interaction between body and performance, and why you chose to publish the images as a photobook. It's a legitimate invitation.

We are a self-financed company so sadly we can't offer much in the way of expenses. We will cover some travel in the UK (we'll book it for you - no first class or taxis!), and are able to provide accomodation for two nights in or around Bristol (sadly we cannot provide tickets for partners due to the limited size of the venue and our need to cover costs but they are available for £68 here.)

The actual event takes place in an old club called the Southbank. Here are some images from last year's event. It's really down-to-earth in a friendly and warm kind of way, but if you're fussy about hygiene you might want to bring some wet wipes for the toilets. It's English plumbing see. It goes with the relaxed atmosphere we enjoy in the West of England.

We will have a great buffet dinner available on the Saturday night provided by Chandos Deli. (their chutneys are incredible)  and music by Mik Artistik (that's him in the picture above). Mik's amazing! He may not appear to be your kind of music; punk-poetry mixed with madness and cutting social comment, but really he is the greatest living rockstar on the planet, or maybe Yorkshire, though he's not one to say it. This song's called Dad Muscles. It's all about how you get muscles when you have kids what with pushing prams up hills and that. One for your husband!  Maybe Kanye could do a duet with Mik and we could work out a discount for him (have to run that by Mik first though).

Do let us know if you would like to come (you can email us at ). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes

Photobook Bristol

PS Here's the list of speakers we've got so far. You might not have heard of many of them, but they are amazing. We've put you in as a ? for now.

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